The future of Sergio Ramos and Leo Messi, in the air two months after their contracts with Real Madrid and Barça end

Messi and Ramos, during a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid

In exactly two months from the publication of this news, if nothing changes, the FC Barcelona and Real Madrid will lose their current captains. Leo Messi and Sergio Ramos their contracts with their current teams end on June 30, and so far they have not signed a renewal but neither a contract (officially) with another team.

The situation is quite different in each case. While Messi has already had a rapprochement with Barça, Ramos and Real Madrid have not sat down again for months, to the point that both parties already take for granted that the break is inevitable.

One of the sine qua non conditions Messi would continue at Barça was that Bartomeu and his people left the club. With the return to the presidency of Joan Laporta, with whom you have a good relationship, the mood that not so long ago invited you to leave has calmed down a lot.

PSG has already presented him with a first offer to tempt him, but the Messi prefer to speak with Barça first. Laporta has to do numbers, and although the Argentine is willing to cut his file in halfThey have yet to see if the renewal can be signed or not. What they are not willing to negotiate is the duration: Messi wants a long, 10-year contract, to be able to join the Camp Nou offices when he hangs up his boots, in the image of what he has done Juan Carlos Navarro.

If the accounts give, Laporta and Messi will sit down to sign shortly.

Sergio Ramos has played in all of 2021 four parties with the club that, for the moment, pays him: one from the Champions League, one from the Spanish Super Cup and two from the League. First because of his meniscus problems that made him undergo surgery, then because he was infected with coronavirus and then due to a muscle injury, the truth is that he has contributed almost nothing to the final stretch of Real Madrid.

This situation coincides with its contractual moment. The tug of war with Florentino Pérez It has been constant, but the president himself confessed in his already historic interview in El Chiringuito about the Super League that they had not spoken for months.

The problem is no longer fundamentally economic. Ramos faces the final stretch of his sports career and does not want to reduce his salary, despite the fact that, according to the president, “things are very bad.” Nevertheless, according to brand, is willing to accept a small discount. Pérez’s words let it fall that his captain was not going to continue, but there is still time. The captain maintains his intention of two years with his current contract or a minimal reduction and the club offers him one and a notable salary reduction. Neither one nor the other have moved too much from their initial intentions.

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