The future of Real Madrid and Zidane will be decided at a key meeting next week

Florentino Pérez and Zinedine Zidane, at the farewell to the Frenchman from Real Madrid.

Well after the Cibeles party, or after a few days off, the future of the Real Madrid will start with a meeting between Florentino Pérez Y Zinedine Zidane to be held a few days after the end of The league.

The president and the coach have to sit down to see which path they are going to take, be it together or, more likely, separately. Zidane has more than decided to leaveAs he is physically and mentally tired after a very tough season in many respects, and the wear has made him think about a time out.

For the second time, Zidane will inform Florentino that he is leaving the club, although the context is very different from the first time. Real Madrid suffers a notable exhaustion in a somewhat aged template, who has had to pull emergency youth squad to complete the year in the middle of the battle for the title and who, far from fulfilling only, have given the callus and improved expectations.

Once Zidane confirms his departure and the contractual matters are closed, the search and hiring of his replacement will begin. The main candidates are Massimiliano Allegri Y Raul Gonzalez, with its pros and cons. The Spaniard is exciting, but he still does not have much experience in the elite (Zidane did not have it either) and the Italian, more hard at these struggles, has a profile very close to what Florentino wanted for a long time and is willing to take on the challenge. . It is possible that the president convinces Zidane to continue, but this option is the least likely.

Once the matter is resolved, the coach will have to talk about exits and entrances. In the first aspect, the future of Sergio Ramos will be one of the hot topics. The Sevillian has not just renewed or closed his destiny, but with his current record he has no gap. Or lower your pretensions, or they will put a silver bridge. You will not be the only one: Marcelo, Hazard or the situation of those assigned (Bale, Odegaard, Kubo …) will be reviewed profusely before the internationals go with their respective teams to the European Championship.

In the arrivals chapter, a name above the rest: Kylian Mbappé. The great dream of Real Madrid, in general, and Florentino in particular. The continuous winks from the French forward and the difficulty of PSG in retaining him have paved the way a lot.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi he will have to choose between accepting ‘only’ 100 million for his star, or seeing how the next season goes for free, but the footballer’s intention is to make it to the club of his dreams sooner or later.

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