The first transgender referee in men’s soccer warns: “I am not afraid of the stands. I am strong against that”

Sapir Berman, first transgender referee in men's soccer.

Sapir berman has taken a giant step forward in world football. She is the first openly transgender referee in history to practice in men’s soccer and will do so in the Israeli league.

“I am Sapir. I am 26 years old, I always saw myself as a woman and from a young age I did not know how to name it “, the collegiate appeared at a press conference once the sex change operation had been carried out with which she ceased to be Sagi berman has announced to the world his sex change operation.

With the backing of the Israel Football Federation, the clubs and the referees association of the country, Sapir Berman demolishes a wall of enormous dimensions. Years ago Lucy clark She became England’s first transgender referee, but she whistled in the women’s league. Sapir has gone one step further.

“I lived alongside the very masculine figure that he was. He was a very successful man, in refereeing, in studies, even with the girls. But I had to divide these worlds because I realized that society would not accept me. For almost 26 years I had to live as I was not, but now I decided to expose myself “, confessed the referee. “I did it for myself, but also for my relatives who saw me suffer. Today I am complete, confident, I know that I am doing the right thing and I know that there is a very broad support around me. I sincerely hope that our society is more inclusive. We are here to change ”.

“I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t hide it anymore and was starting to feel from the inside that it was out of my control. I’m no longer afraid of the reactions from the stands. I have come across sexists, insults and I never gave importance to it. I am strong against that“admits Berman.

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