The excitement of the League parks the money of the Super League

Although it is not known under what denomination and with how many teams, the European Super League will end up being held sooner or later unless the ball bursts after being inflated non-stop by the football industry. There is no sport in the world with a bigger audience or that moves more money; otherwise, it would not be explained how North American businessmen buy European clubs after soccer is not consolidated in the United States, or at least does not have the impact of baseball, the NBA or the NFL.

The clubs, which are the ones that pay and transfer the players to the national teams, are fed up with UEFA and FIFA, with speculative organizations and intermediaries and with people who live off the story. The richest are those who are most angry and in debt because of the pandemic because they have stopped coming in a lot of money due to having their facilities closed, without any possibility of entering money outside of such crowded fields as the Bernabéu or the Camp Nou.

Medium and small clubs have not suffered so much because they already had a good part of their budget covered with the millions from television. It has already been difficult for the big ones to distribute the capital generated by television rights in a more solidary way and, therefore, to some extent it is reasonable that they are now demanding more money than ever. And the best way they have found for their claim is to organize a tournament between them, without the need for any administrator or mediator.

The problem is that they did it in their own way, as powerful as they are, without giving explanations, convinced that the end justifies the means. You can’t act more furtively and improvised when you also want to sell such a grandiose competition. The Superliga project was not sufficiently well worked out or defined, it is known that it had not been negotiated with the televisions or with the sponsors, and it was only known that an administrator was willing to put in the millions that Madrid and Barça need.

Laporta is pressed by debts and Florentino wanted to release a tournament, field and team at the same time to transcend more than Bernabéu, a strong argument for him to want to capitalize on the announcement of the Super League at the Chiringuito. Egos and leaks precipitated the events and the tournament is currently frozen because football in Europe does not work as it does in the Madrid box. The English were erased and the Germans did not even sign up, and the power of the Bundesliga and the Premier cannot be underestimated precisely.

The English are relatively concerned about who are the owners of their clubs, those who take care of the business, in exchange for not having the game, that is, the field, the ball and the rivalry, as it was appreciated in London. “When there is no relationship between effort and reward, you can’t talk about sport,” said Guardiola, City coach. The coaches and footballers were mostly on the side of the fans, who claimed their presence after being relegated by customers, consumers and television.

Football is also dominated by mobile phones and remote controls because tickets are very expensive and information is worth a lot of money, so opinion and entertainment prevail. You don’t have to have the rights of a party to kick the newspaper business. The opinion of the players has not been taken into account either. After all, the essences of football have not been respected, a popular and universal sport through which many have known Europe and has served to backbone countries with league competition.

Europe is not America and money flees from uncertainty when football is surprise, excitement and merit, with promotions and relegation and rankings for European tournaments, as Zubizarreta always remembers. The League has become so interesting right now that it is hard to think about the Super League. Football must also evolve and it is imperative to improve continental competitions without the need for the new Cup to make us forget the Champions League, the Cup Winners’ Cup, the Fairs Cup and the UEFA. The Barça legend has also been built from the bottle cup final in 1968, the Recopa de Basilea in 1979 and the 0-5 in 1974.

Accounts can also be improved by controlling or eliminating transfer fees and lowering player chips. Footballers like De Bruyne or Kimmich have already negotiated their renewals without the need for an agent. The pandemic has done a lot of damage, but it has been used as an excuse to disguise the mismanagement of many clubs after unnecessary hires and fattening the golden calf in a world of much vanity and arrogance that needs to open new markets and play finals in Dubai or Miami.

It can be improved and evolved without the need to humiliate, simply by being consistent with the rules of the game of football, known in the world without the need to be disclosed or publicized. Impatience has played against a project that has been in the works for a long time and that will surely come to fruition in one way or another. Right now, however, it has been seen that the rich do not agree because they are afraid of the response of the poor, who prefer to be innocent or naive than to be ignored. As much as they just want to play with each other nonstop, the wealthy aren’t always the best; yes, the ones with the most audience and are the most watched until they get bored.

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