The epic talk of Salva Ballesta with which the victory of Algeciras in the playoff semifinals was forged by promotion to Second

Salva Ballesta gives the pre-match talk in the Algeciras dressing room.

The Algeciras CF is in the heat of fight for the promotion to Second division. The team trained by Salva Crossbow defeated San Sebastián de los Reyes in the semifinals and will now face the Real Sociedad B in the final of the promotion playoff. A victory that was forged from the dressing room, with a motivating talk from the coach that helped his team to win 3-1, without too many complications.

With joy and with bugles. There you have to go out today with the bugles. Pom, pom, pom, pom. One team, I speak to this one, this one fights for me, I cover it, I have the balls and I go and tell another, ‘close with me to maintain balance.’ As this we do not have… dead ”, Salva Ballesta began with his harangue before jumping onto the field to start the match. “That team, the good thing about it is that we know what each of them is going to do. It is not a team that is going to surprise you. Yeah yeah, they have intensity, they have balls, they have all these things, okay? But us more”.

The words of the Algeciras CF coach were listened to with great attention by his players, who seemed to take note of what their manager was saying. “And now, if this happens, let the rival get ahead on the scoreboard, you have given a lesson the other day. Above, when they are losing is when they are better playing. Voucher? I don’t want us to screw up the game because we’re going 0-1. That is not going to happen! But it can happen, that this is football”. But it was not like that. The locals went ahead in 2 ‘and began to forge what would be the victory.

We play a lot. Perhaps, almost all of us can change our lives by winning this match. Does anyone doubt it?”, Asked the coach to his players. “Few games have been prepared like this. Enjoy it. What you have achieved, you have achieved. Nobody expected us, we are there. Molli, there is your father. What your father has to give you is joy, one-on-one ability, the good center. Neither stressed nor dicks. Failures? When you fail, you look at me on the bench and say, ‘mister, I’ve failed, eat my balls.’ But it fails with two balls, trying to face, trying to leave ”.

A perfect harangue that ended with the final phrase that made the costumes break into shouts and applause. “Whatever happens, we sweat it. We got here with two balls”.

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