The English clubs despised Atlético de Madrid before leaving the Superliga

João Félix and Thomas Lemar, Atlético de Madrid players.

As reported in The Sports Carousel from Ser string, the Big Six of the Premier league did not see with good eyes the presence of Atletico Madrid among the twelve founding clubs of the Super league.

As official sources tell Confidential Carousel, “Its scarce worldwide pull on social networks and its low television audiences outside Spain” they weighed down Atlético de Madrid when it came to considering him one of the greats of Europe in the eyes of the Premier teams. The truth is that the Madrid team is the one with the lowest numbers in both aspects and, therefore, the one that would benefit the most from their entry into the Super League.

It was precisely this worldwide repercussion that several mid-level European football clubs were looking for, who offered to complete the list of founding teams and raise it to fifteen instead of twelve. Among them was, for example, the Olympique de Lyon, which would also serve to pressure the PSG to get on the boat.

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