The end of the competitions in N2 and D2 women, an “inescapable” decision which angered many actors

The final cessation of competitions in National 2 and D2 women, decided by the FFF, leaves a bitter taste to the actors of these two championships.

The decision was long overdue, but the ax fell this Friday, April 23: the executive committee of the FFF announced the end of the competitions in women’s D2 and National 2, which had been interrupted at the end of October. In a press release, the FFF judges that “it appears impossible to set up a satisfactory and reasonable resumption of these competitions “ to look “a very limited schedule, with a large number of days to play, without any possibility of postponement, with incompressible and necessary training deadlines beforehand “. Result, a white season without promotion or relegation. Several players in these championships are bitter.

In a press release, this Thursday, April 22, the N2 clubs committee called for a decision by the FFF. “It was no longer tolerable to wait any longer. For me, the decision was inevitable, with a timetable that would have been untenable ” estimates Fabrice Rolland. According to the general manager of US Saint Malo, there have been many missed appointments, “with the fact that the N2 and the D2 did not obtain an exemption in October, then the turnaround, in March, while the recovery seemed to have taken place “. But among his colleagues, “a lot of clubs are angry, and say to themselves’All that for this‘”.

It is an announcement which despairs and destroys amateur football, it is shameful! ” regrets, annoyed, Christophe Gauthier. The president of Puy Foot 43, who aligns teams in N2 and D2 women, is very upset against the FFF: “This decision has no consequences for the federation, it was easy to take since it does not make it lose any sponsors. It is the result of incompetent people, who think only of money, not of sanitary conditions “. Its players continued to train and regularly pass PCR tests: “The Coupe de France took place, with clubs from N2, and it went very well. We respected the sanitary instructions. The third basketball division continues to play indoors. But we have to admit that the women’s D2 brings nothing, no sponsors, no money to the federation, so it doesn’t give a damn “.

Player of the Stade Brestois, in D2, Anna Banuta was waiting for a decision from the FFF: “We knew deep down that we would not resume, but the government said that life was going to resume its course in mid-May, so we had hope. It’s a disillusion “. With her teammates, they continued to train, and do not understand the end of their championship: “The men’s Ligue 2 plays, the second foreign women’s divisions too. It is a blow of the club. For the young players in full progression, it is a year and a half lost since the previous season had also been interrupted “.

After this announcement, the compensation of the clubs is the only thing which counts from now on in the eyes of Christophe Gauthier: “They will have to take responsibility for this decision and take charge of the loss of our sponsors. We need a coalition of all the clubs so that these people pay the heavy price they are making us suffer. “

Fabrice Rolland, more measured, calls on the federation to collaborate with the clubs, to establish a full and lasting competition from next season: “To be able to project yourself, you need visibility and you have to grant an exemption to these two championships. In N2, many players, on average 15 per team, are under contract. And it’s appalling that French women’s football is only centered on a single division of twelve teams. We need to professionalize D2, but it’s impossible to develop it without playing “.

The GM of US Saint-Malo is still happy to be able to take a step: “The clubs will now be able to take sporting decisions, on the management of their staff “. In the next few days, they should also decide whether to maintain a very reduced activity or to stop training altogether.

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