The end of Agüero’s cycle at City, the key to the transfer market: Mbappé, Haaland, Griezmann …

Kun Agüero and Pep Guardiola

Ten years after your arrival, Sergio Aguero will abandon the discipline of Manchester City. The Argentine was already with a foot and a half out, and although he was still a relevant part of the squad of Guardiola, He was not much less the holder of a long time ago.

The letter with which you have said goodbye to the skyblue entity, of which is his historical top scorer, his home in the last decade, is a declaration of intentions: a vital period in his sporting life is ending:

“When a cycle closes you have a lot of sensations. I am left with the enormous satisfaction and pride of having spent ten seasons at Manchester City, something unusual in these times for a professional player.

Ten seasons with very important achievements, in which I was also able to become the historical scorer and in which I forged an indestructible bond with all the people in the club that I will always carry in my heart.

I had to arrive in 2011 in a reconstruction stage and together with the vision of the owners and the contribution of different players, we managed to place it at the top, among the most important in the world.

It will be up to others now to keep you in that privileged place where you deserve to continue being. Personally, I will continue to give everything in the remainder of the season to win other titles and bring more joy to the people. Then a new stage will come with other challenges for which I feel fully and that I will face with the same passion and professionalism that I always delivered to continue competing at the highest level.

Now an unknown is opened which in turn causes a few derivatives: Where will Kun Agüero play next year?

At 32, Agüero still has a good market, although now he is entering the particular field of speculation and conditionalities.

He will not lack suitors: from Barça, where his good friend is Messi (for now), going through the PSG (where can own Messi) among others.

Is Agüero enough to replace a Mbappé that, to this day, still does not renew with the team? To balance the accounts would be a possibility, especially if Al-Khelaifi goes ahead in its intention to attract the number ’10’ of Barcelona. Get hold of Messi and Agüero at the same time It may well cover an eventual departure of his current franchise striker.

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