The detail of Joan Laporta with Lewandowski’s agent

  • Football Barcelona activates a third lever of 100 million to register the signings: “We resort to them to save the club”
  • Football Barça makes the signing of Lewandowski official: he will sign until 2025

The signing of Robert Lewandowski for the Barca it has both foreshadowing and promise. As explained by the president Joan Laporta after the second debut of the Polish striker, this time at the Camp Nou, the footballer’s mother, 20 years ago, was with him on the pitch and, after touching the grass, predicted that one day he would play in that stadium. A prediction that the player’s agent, Pini Zahavi, with whom the top Barcelona leader has a very good personal relationship, also turned into a firm promise at a certain time, according to Laporta himself.

During the presentation, the Lewandowski’s mother he crouched down for a moment and touched the newly planted pitch at the Camp Nou. A gesture that the Barça president would explain later at the press conference. “Robert came 20 years ago with his mother, she touched the grass and told him ‘one day you will play on this field’. And it has been fulfilled”, said the Barcelona leader, who stressed at all times the decisive role played by the player himself player and his agent to finalize his arrival at the club. “When we move forward with the signing, Robert and his agent were concerned about the registration, but I already told them that he would be the first on the list. He has made a great effort. Other clubs offered Bayern more money and a higher chip, that’s why I’m so grateful to him for coming. In addition, Zahavi told me one day that Lewandowski would play for Barça, and that promise has also been fulfilled, thanks to his will and that of Robert”, Laporta insisted on the agent who, according to The Atlantic, took 10 million euros for the operation.

Fate, sometimes capricious, wanted the second presentation of LewandowskAnd as a new Barça player, this time with number 9 on his back, it happened just one year after the most traumatic announcement the club has experienced in recent years: the forced goodbye of Leo Messi. “It has been a historic day for Barça, every culés We are excited and proud that a player of the category of Robert Lewandowski has wanted to come. In my first stage, I remember players who also wanted to come, but then we had a constellation of stars, it was easier. For this reason, I value even more the fact that a player like him, all those who have come and those who may come want to play for this club. For the League, and I don’t want it to be understood in any other way, it is important to have players like Robert. A year ago we announced a situation that no one wanted, but we have turned it around. We have come out of the hospital and we are getting healthier, but we cannot relax, we have to continue applying criteria of prudence and austerity,” he pointed out.

Enroll all new so that they can debut in the League, next August 13 against Rayo, is now the main priority. The Barça president is convinced that they have done their homework well, but he admitted that they already have a fourth lever in the chamber: the sale of the remaining 25% of Barça Studios. “We approved the fourth lever because it was planned. It is the operation of 49% that was planned. As a precaution and prevention of possible divergences in interpretations, we have done it. We hope not, but if they occur, there will be no problem,” he explained. Laporta.

“We have worked hard and I think well to gather the requirements that were asked of us. If any further operation is needed, we will do it, but the documentation has already been submitted and we are waiting for what they say. The decision must be made by the League, we have complied with everything they require,” insisted the Barcelona leader, who expressed his chest for the economic operations that his board has closed over the last few weeks.

“The Barça has entered in these last two months 868 million euros, we have a healthy balance sheet and the income statement, too. We have made a great effort, we have had to activate a series of operations that have involved the sale of the club’s assets, always in a controlled manner, controlling the risk, and with the option of recovering them. Work has been done very well, along these lines, to clean up the entity and have the fair play necessary to register all the players that we have incorporated, like Robert Lewandowski”, he stressed. The Pole, meanwhile, despite being aware of the eternal rivalry with Real Madrid, prefers to think only of Barça for now. “They won the League and the Champions League and we have to try to overcome them. It will be hard, but it is football. There are many challenges, I’m not thinking about Real Madrid or Benzema. For me, the most important thing is to play well with Barça”, he sentenced.

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