The derby belongs to En-Nesyri

A goal by En-Nesyri gave Sevilla the victory in a very close derby, in which Betis fought until the end for a draw that perhaps they deserved, but was condemned for a defensive error and its impossibility after turning into goal all the good that it generated in the center of the field. The truth is that Sevilla won without doing too much, taking advantage of one of their options and showing a thick game, perhaps a product of the physical and mental fatigue that they dragged in the last days. The triumph, however, has great value for Sevilla, who had come from four games without winning and which cuts the great streak of a Betis that came to the derby with great aspirations. Pellegrini’s men lacked punch and, above all, more presence of their star, Fekir, who only appeared on the last play of the match. Fekir hit him with his fantastic left foot and the ball skimmed past Bono’s squad.

Sevilla, without spark or pause, had at least a job to defend the 1-0. Betis tried it and had two important options before Fekir’s play. A Miranda center that Borja Iglesias could not finish off and a ball that Diego Carlos took out under the sticks after a rebound in Borja himself. Sevilla, fortunate and supported by their centrals and Navas, took the derby in a specific play. The good version of Betis did not give him to overcome this crushed Seville, with which he lost a great opportunity to get closer to fourth place.

With the amazing variability of the new times, Betis reached the derby in full swing in a fantastic 2021. A wave of optimism driven by the good work of Pellegrini and his players, able to stand in the most special match with the possibility of placing three points from his eternal rival. And incidentally, three points from the fourth place. Sevilla, a somewhat sleepy giant, had to react after losing two high-altitude battles. A semi-final of the Cup against Barcelona and a knockout of the Champions League against Dortmund, led by the giant Haaland.

The derby 100 in Primera, with European airs, offered a good staging of Betis, which surprised Sevilla with a very high pressure. Pellegrini knew that his rival was coming from an intense battle in Germany and decided that his team would run wild. With Guarded attentive to Navas on the left and absolute freedom for Fekir, this Betis with such a good cut in 2021 dominated Sevilla with some authority. He even had a good chance at nine minutes, when Bono repelled a good shot from Borja Iglesias as best he could. Canales was about to clear the goal, who was very quick to reach in and avoid his shot. Sevilla suffered a lot with the ball, asphyxiated by a thriving Betis, who had carefully planned the game to take advantage of Sevilla’s weaknesses.

However, there are structural weaknesses that neither the tactical aspects nor the moments of form are capable of definitively correcting. Sevilla found gold in a long ball by Navas in search of En-Nesyri. Without news from Papu, Jord├ín or Suso, Navas’ pass uncovered the deficiencies of Betis centrals, to whom the Moroccan striker took their backs after an exquisite control. Robles’ crazy departure provided a spectacular definition by En-Nesyri, who scored in the 27th minute to smash the good green-and-white performance. The slap of reality that Betis took raised something to Seville, which found in a wonderful simplification an advantage on the scoreboard perhaps excessive for its merits.

Betis tried insistently in the second half against Sevilla who decided to keep their goal as if it were a treasure. Borja was close to equalizing and Lopetegui’s men approached the second goal in two counterattacks that neither Rakitic nor En-Nesyri knew how to complete. They had to suffer against this good Betis, who with Pellegrini’s changes pushed as the Sevilla players got back to defend their income. Fekir appeared too late. Betis, soft behind, lost a good opportunity.

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