The decision that can be worth a title: the referee signaled a penalty for Real Madrid but the VAR corrected it for Sevilla

Militao Penalty

The VAR and Martínez Munuera were the undoubted protagonists of the duel between Real Madrid and Seville that closed the batch of matches this Sunday. A match in which LaLiga was at stake after the draw between Atlético and Barça, since the whites could be positioned as leaders with a victory that did not come, but that they brushed with the fingertips.

Specifically, at minute 74, when Martínez Munuera signaled a penalty on Benzema for a knockdown by Bono in a fierce against the whites after a corner wasted by Sevilla. After the whistle, the Seville players went to claim an alleged penalty in the aforementioned corner kick that had not considered such, but the VAR entered the action.

From the VOR room the referees advised the braid to go to the monitor to check the repeated play, since Militao, in the jump with Diego Carlos, indeed had touched the ball with his arm in his attempt to clear.

After checking the action on the VAR screen, Martínez Munuera said his decision to award a penalty in favor of Real Madrid and he did it in the opposite area in favor of Sevilla. Rakitic ended up transforming the pitch with cold blood to overtake, momentarily, his own.

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