The curious ‘welcome’ of LaLiga to Borja Fernández, detained in the Oikos: a talk about bets and fixes

Borja Fernández, arrested for soccer fixation, asks Valladolid for support because 'he has nothing to hide'

Borja Fernandez He has returned to the world of football this Wednesday after his stormy retirement that was involved in all the controversy of the Operation Oikos, in which several footballers were arrested in an alleged plot of sports betting and rigging, among which was the former Valladolid. After being detached from the case a few months ago, the former player has returned to the Blanquivioleta discipline.

This time, however, it will not be short, but as part of the coaching staff of the second team, as the club itself has communicated. This Wednesday he appeared again in the Valladolid sports city where he has had a curious reception by LaLiga.

This is what he himself has told on his social networks, through a publication in which he expresses his disbelief at what happened. “There are no words but no anecdote: How could it be otherwise in the script of my geek life, it has been the day chosen by the integrity managers of LaLiga to give us a talk about bets and fixes. IN MY FIRST DAY. C’est la vie “, wrote.

However, his followers they wanted to take it well in the responses, wishing you much luck in his new one to the one who was the captain of the Valladolid team.

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