The craziest reactions to the Super League: from Prince Guillermo to the FARC, through the PNV and United We Can

William of England, in January 2020.

The arrival of the Super league, either by the way of advertising it, either by the background or by other interests that have little to do with the sport itself, has received the most furious criticism from many sectors of society. Not only from football itself, which is obviously where they are most focused, but also from other areas such as politics.

There are some reactions that few saw coming. In Great Britain, a country that is currently immersed in the final resolution of the Brexit, they have rejected this split head on of the 12 clubs in the Super League, of which six are English. It is ironic that Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister and one of the main drivers of leaving the European Union, now points to an economic and social risk without precedents for those six teams.

“We are going to look at everything we can do with the soccer authorities to make sure this does not go as planned,” he said early Monday. Even the British monarchy, normally cautious in this type of affairs, got in the way. The Prince Guillermo from England signed a tweet from the official account of the Duchy of Cambridge that he shows pointing out that he does not agree with the Super League either.

“Now, more than ever, we must protect the entire football community, from the highest level to grassroots football, and the values ​​of competition and fairness at its core. I share the concerns of the fans about the Superliga proposal and the damage it risks causing the sport we love, “he tweeted.

Obviously, Europe is where the criticism has focused. The Spanish Government, through Jose Manuel Rodriguez Uribes, Minister of Culture and Sports, has also warned that they are against … although at the request of other parliamentary groups. As published by ‘Vozpópuli’, the PNV Y United we can contacted the Executive of Pedro Sanchez in order to pressure him and come out to reject the Super League project.

In France, the world of politics reacted early. Himself Emmanuel macron he positioned himself against this new competition. He describes it as “a threat to the principle of solidarity and sporting merit” and promises that “the French State will support any initiative of the Professional Football League, the French Football Federation, UEFA and FIFA to protect the integrity of national and European federative competitions“. The newspaper L’Equipe is one of the founders of the European Cup.

One of the reactions that nobody expected came from Colombia. The Commons party of the FARC, update of the terrorist guerrilla group, replied to Florentino Pérez during his interview at El Chiringuito.

“Florentino Pérez says that soccer is a pyramid in which to the extent that rich teams do well, they throw a little crumbs at the poor and so everyone is happy. He openly explained what a “super league” is that has nothing to do with football, “they tweeted about it.

South American football can also be affected by the Superliga, inasmuch as the players of the teams that play it can be excluded from the national teams, if UEFA follows through on its threat. This would involve figures like Leo Messi, Edinson cavani, Luis Suarez or Casemiro among others.

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