The controversial ‘I like’ Pepe Reina to a Vox video against Pablo Iglesias

Pepe Reina

Political tension has risen this weekend with the Pablo Iglesias’ abandonment of the Cadena Ser debate for the non-conviction of Rocío Monasterio to the envelope with bullets that the leader of Podemos received with threats. An episode that has marked the political agenda and on which many well-known faces have spoken.

Without expressing himself explicitly, but leaving a good example, once again, of his political affinities, Pepe Reina, current Lazio goalkeeper, gave a ‘like’ to a video posted by Iván Espinosa de los Monteros that has not gone unnoticed.

In the video Iglesias is heard in decontextualized statements appeal to the importance of accepting challenges “with manhood” and also talks about Molotov cocktails, with the left “ready for arms.”

“A lifelong democrat,” wrote the Vox deputy in the tweet that the Spanish goalkeeper liked.

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