The controversial hydration break at Atlético – Osasuna: neither was it the only one, nor was it illegal

Atlético players celebrating the victory against Osasuna

The Atlético de Madrid remains alive and a great favorite to take the league title on the last day thanks to a heroic comeback against Osasuna. Simeone’s men found themselves losing fifteen minutes from the end, but Renan lodi first and Luis Suarez then they turned the scoreboard around.

Between the Navarrese goal, the work of Budimir, and that of the French footballer of Atlético only 7 minutes passed … among which there were a hydration break. Those seconds in which the footballers took the opportunity to drink water also served to Simeone give some minimal instructions and insistently ask that they be “strong of the head”, with the aim that his people were calm.

These instructions paid off, as his team rallied from 0-1 against to finish 2-1.

This hydration break has brought controversy. The great losers are those of the Real Madrid, who for a long time were leaders of the classification, but now feel very angry about this break which, for practical purposes, meant a time out like in basketball: Those who were losing, Atlético, cooled their spirits and those who were winning, in this case Osasuna, saw how the break broke their rhythm.

These complaints fall under their own weight if proven what the regulations establish. The delegate of the RFEF, the referees and the delegates of each team meet several hours before to establish the protocol to dispute the match and discuss various issues, such as the possible break to hydrate in case the match is played in summer.

The regulations make it clear that it should be stopped in the matches in which the 30ºC (not a fixed figure, but an estimate, since in Madrid that temperature was not reached this Sunday between 6:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.) that are disputed between the months of May to September, which is where footballers can have more problems. Said pause, and this is where the key lies, must be accepted and agreed upon by both teams and by the refereeing body, which establishes when it should occur.

Since both Osasuna and Atlético already knew in advance that there would be a hydration break (in fact, there were two, one in each part), it cannot be argued that it would benefit one more than the other, inasmuch as it was not possible to know how the score would go at that time.

Atlético – Osasuna was not the only one who stopped for the players to cool off. In First, the BetisHuesca and the GetafeI raised; in Second, the FuenlabradaVallecano Ray. These last two, like the match played at the Wanda Metropolitano, were played in the Community of Madrid, in comparable conditions of heat and humidity in the environment.

In fact, the white team also saw how they stopped the game of their women’s team, against the Eibar. The match was played at the Alfredo Di Stéfano de Valdebebas, in Madrid.

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