The controversial expulsion of Freuler from Atalanta – Real Madrid: was he worthy of a direct red card?

Freuler and Mendy, in the expulsion action during Atalanta - Real Madrid

The image of Real Madrid before him Atalanta has been somewhat touched, at least hot, after not be able to pass until minute 85 to a team that saw a soccer player expelled in the 17th game.

The action will bring tail. Freuler hunted Mendy, by far the best of the white team, when he was going to face the area of Gollini. The Frenchman fell to the ground, despite the fact that the contact of the Swiss midfielder did not seem very strong, and the referee did not even think about it: He reached into his pocket and showed him the red card.

The footballer could not believe it, much less the bench, who considered the referee’s decision very unfair Tobias Stieler.

The referee understood that Mendy was the last player before the goalkeeper, despite the fact that another defender came through the center of the area, and that therefore it was a clear chance of scoring. Although the Frenchman touches the ball out to try to heel and avoid Freuler, without succeeding, it is no less true that without that blow he would have possibly gotten to shoot or, at least, to try.

That action was not reviewed by the VAR, what only acts when it considers flagrant errors or very obvious failures of the referee’s consideration, something that here, regulation in hand, is at least interpretable. The rule is clear: if a footballer is knocked down and a clear scoring opportunity is thus avoided, he must see a direct red card. It is in the nuance of what is considered an obvious opportunity to mark where the dilemma lies.

Tobias Stieler has been a Bundesliga referee since 2012, he has the UEFA Elite ranking (if not, he could not whistle a few eighths of Champions) and is considered as a referee who lets play, although that implies that in their matches they tend to see more fouls than usual.

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