The controversial celebration of João Félix after scoring is clarified: it was not directed at Simeone

João Félix celebrates a goal against Villarreal.

The controversial celebration of João Felix in the second goal of Atlético de Madrid against Villarreal continues to kick. The rojiblanco player made the gesture of commanding silence by placing his index finger on his lips, while he was visibly angry as he went to the bench of his team. Something that many interpreted that it was directed to the coach Diego Pablo Simeone, but now it has been known that it was for his companion and friend Renan lodi.

Precisely Simeone referred to what happened after the game, saying that “I’m going to ask João in the next training session, and in the next conference they will ask me what João told me and I’ll see if I tell them”, while admitting that he likes players to bring out their character. “I love the rebel player. I love the player who has his pride, who wants to react to situations… How long had it been since Joao scored a goal? I imagine that the goal awakens something important in him. ”

However, at Atlético de Madrid they do not want distractions and have rushed to explain João Félix’s celebration so that the controversy is settled. According to the club, The striker and Renan Lodi were exchanging jokes and pikes during the pre-match training sessions because one had not scored a goal for a long time and the other had not been a starter. For this reason, João Félix went to Lodi after the goal.

Lodi himself published on his social networks the image of the celebration of João Félix’s goal, clarifying what happened with the phrases “do not be angry”, “no sooner said than done” Y “We are together”.

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