The confessions of José Ramón de la Morena to Pablo Motos in El Hormiguero: “I’m from the left, but I voted for Ayuso”

José Ramón de la Morena, in El Hormiguero

José Ramón de la Morena I’m going through The Hormiguero to chat with Pablo Motos just over two months to end his 40-year career in radio. It started with soccer and its Athletic. “We are a bit away. What a way to suffer! I thought that San Isidro would give us a hand, but he is a Madridista,” he joked.

About the last match against him Valladolid, De la Morena explained that “it is the fight for glory against those who struggle to breathe. Who is going to push more? I understand that Atleti has a more powerful team … Come on, what I believe that Atleti is going to win LaLiga“, summarized.

He then addressed the key issue: its withdrawal. “I’m going to leave the radio at night. I want to be the owner of my time again. We got a fairy godmother who told us: ‘What do you want to be?’ And I wanted to be a journalist at any cost. I gave everything, but I realized at the time that I have nothing left. When the alarm goes off at 10 o’clock, and that anguish … When you hear your friends who are going to do things, and you can’t. One day you wake up and say, ‘This is over.’ You have to have an important reason, someone who asks you and you work against your ego. And you start to get the feeling now of how much is left. Those days at the end of August, which I got unbearable because LaLiga started“he explained.

That day he will face it “without fear, without having to call Bustillo to see who we had to interview … “.

Nothing is left to do because for him he has already achieved everything. “The dream of my life I have already fulfilled. If the 4th part of what happened to me had happened, it would have seemed good to me. I would have settled for being the conductor of those who were when I started: Azuara, García, Gozalo. .. “, he recounted. Of course: he does not see that the moment of the last program arrives.

“The last one never comes. I’ve seen my best friends leave in absurd illnesses or accidents. Some that I had made plans with. This goes so fast, you realize now is the time. I’m still changing diapers. I don’t want José Ramón, a young boy, to tell me what Ruth told me: that I was not there when he was born. I replied that thanks to this she was able to study what she wanted, that she had what she wanted … and she told me that she did not ask for it, “he said.

His career will be framed in a few tense and unforgettable years, possibly the roots of what is today sports journalism. It all started with a day that, for De la Morena, is the happiest of his four decades in the profession. “The happiest of all was the day I stepped on the radio, which I later told my mother who I had seen. It seemed like Walt Disney to me. I met Pepe Domingo, to Garcia … He arrived very quickly, ‘how are you, kid’ “, he recalled about what was his great ‘enemy’.

Those years were legendary for journalists who shared the radio, although later they ended up being rivals. “A generation of journalists on the SER network agreed that we were good, forgive the pedantry. Paquito González, Lama, Chus Galán … and then it came Alfredo Relaño. If you have a great team and a great coach, you have to leave. We compete against Garcia, and we add to Alfonso Azuara“, he recalled.

Although he is remembered for his wars with ‘Supergarcía’, he also vindicated his figure. “We had great moments on the radio. Garcia also did great things on the radio. He invented the broadcasts of the Vuelta in a bar. I would connect the microphone to a phone and from up there … We went in helicopters without GPS. We discover the premiums to third parties, a Barcelona player who called Milla for him to miss a penalty in that Tenerife League … They said it was aggressive journalism, but it was journalism journalism, “he presumed.

Pablo Motos and De la Morena put the focus of their talk in politicians. In fact, due to the criticism of the first to the Government and its actions in the first moments of the pandemic, it was annoyed an interview that they had agreed to.

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