The complicated accounts of Atlético to go to the second round of the Champions League

Black night for him Atlético de Madrid, that fell at home before him Milan to complicate, even more, the classification for the round of 16 of the Champions League. The rojiblanco team faced the match depending on itself to access the next phase. And with the victory of Liverpool before him Porto at Anfield it made the rojiblancos worth the draw against him Milan to keep doing it. But the both of Messias in the 87th minute he blew everything up. Because Atlético no longer depends on itself. And because the Italians are fully involved in the fight for second place.

The situation is the following. With Liverpool already ranked first, Porto is second with five points, Milan third with four and fourth, Atlético with the same units. In this sense, the accounts for Simeone’s are clear. He is obliged to win at So Dragao and also to be aware of the result of San Siro.

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Atlético de Madrid’s 1×1 against AC Milan in the Champions League

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Because with Milan it is equaled in the particular ‘goal-average’, but in general, those of Pioli they have one more goal in their favor. That is to say, the colchoneros must beat Porto by one more goal than Milan does against Liverpool that does not play anything but that yesterday against the Portuguese already showed signs that it will go out to compete, and to win.

Only Porto depends on itself

Of the three teams involved, the only one that depends on itself is Porto. If he wins Atlético, he will be in the round of 16. And the tie makes the Portuguese depend on what depends on San Siro. One last day of heart attack.

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