The Community of Madrid asks “responsibility and avoid crowds” in the event of an Atlético alirón

The Neptune fountain illuminated with the colors of the Club Atlético de Madrid.

The Deputy Minister of Public Health and Covid-19 Plan of the Madrid’s community, Antonio Zapatero, has called the “responsibility, prudence and avoid crowds “ despite the fact that the pandemic data “is improving”, because “Covid-19 has not yet been finished” He has asked that the behavior of the Atlético de Madrid fans be “what it has to be” in the event that his team wins LaLiga Santander this Sunday.

“I want to send a strong message. We are better than for months and weeks, the evolution of the pandemic is improving, but we are not done with Covid-19. Whoever thinks that we have defeated the virus is wrong; this is not over, “Zapatero told a press conference on the epidemiological situation in the region, accompanied by the general director of Public Health Elena Andradas.

On possible crowds if the Atlético de Madrid wins this Sunday Osasuna and is proclaimed champion, the vice-counselor has appealed to the responsibility in the behavior of the fans and trusts that scenes like the ones that occurred last weekend when the state of alarm ended.

In addition, he recalled that when the Real Madrid won LaLiga Santander last year his fans had a “exemplary” behavior in Plaza Cibeles, without generating agglomerations and respecting the health indications to avoid the spread of the virus.

We are in a pandemic and this is not over. We must appeal to responsibility and I hope that the behavior of the fans is what it has to be, “he launched.

At this point, when asked more specifically about the large number of people who came to the headquarters of the PP in Genoa to celebrate the electoral results, Zapatero has recognized that “it is not recommended” according to the epidemiological circumstance that there is aggregation of people , despite having been outdoors and wearing masks.

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