The Bundesliga is quarantined

Danny Latza and Maximilian Eggestein, during the Mainz - Werder Bremen of the Bundesliga.

The increase in positive cases due to covid in recent weeks has forced the Bundesliga to react. The German league will impose a quarantine or semi-quarantine on the teams of the first and second divisions to ensure that the three remaining days of competition can be held and thus avoid further postponements due to the proximity of the Eurocup.

The plan promoted by the Council of the League marks two stages. In the first, all those people included in the regular PCR testing program, that is, the players, coaching staff and team personnel, may only be at home, isolated, on the training ground or in the stadium. . The measure will become mandatory as of Monday, May 3.

Thus, they intend to reduce the number of infections and minimize risks, in the same way that they already did when the competition was resumed at the end of last year.

In a second stage, as of May 12, the 36 First and Second clubs will go to a training camp in quarantine after a negative PCR test is carried out at least 24 hours in advance. A measure to guarantee the development of the last two days of the competition.

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