The big mistakes that have condemned the Super League to failure as soon as it was born

Ciudad de Valencia field with the message 'No to the Super League' on its video scoreboard

The Super league, if it goes ahead, it will not be in any case under the format initially envisaged. All six English teams sentenced her to death with her initial march, and now Florentino Pérez, their main champion, clings to the clauses they signed to remind them that in contracts, as in car accidents, who breaks, pays.

It cannot be assumed that a project that came to change football as it has been conceived for decades has plunged into more absolute failure so quickly if they are not assumed a few key initial mistakes. Much less are they all acceptable to Florentino, but he does not escape them either.

Any minimal knowledge of business communication gives some basic lines of what to do to present such an ambitious plan. The least is a press release worked, in a schedule primetime audience, with a scenography chord and a argumentative included in a media plan.

The Super League was announced Sunday after midnight, through a statement and confirmation of the Web page. In addition, one of the problems that football currently has, according to Florentino Pérez, the thing is young people do not consume football. With all the nuances that you want to make to this statement, if you want to attract young people, you have to speak ‘your language’.

Let Florentino be in charge of selling the product to them when there is a flourishing industry of youtubers, streamers and influencers that they have audiences that already would like many parties, it’s shocking. Sometimes the message is the medium. With a Ibai Llanos, DJMaaRiiO or TheGrefg counting what the Super League is, the climate would have been very different.

The reaction was also late. After 24 hours of the announcement, and while the message spread that it was a competition for the rich and that was going to destroy football, Florentino Pérez gave his first interview in ‘The beach bar‘, a program for a very specific audience and far from what it pretends to be massive. Not on prime-time television, or on radio, or on a massive show. He chose one in which he knew he had the wind in his favor and that they were not going to tighten the nuts.

Although the pandemic prevents great events, the minimum would have been a news conference on Monday, if it could be with the 12 presidents of the clubs involved (even by video call) and a clear message to convey.

That UEFA has emerged victorious as a defender of the soccer values in this battle it is still ironic. One of the entities (together with FIFA, on the side in this war due to its troubles with the European body) that have done the most for the inequality in sport it has arisen in defense of the subjugated themselves under its own boot.

In part this has to do with the above. Those key 24 hours that passed from the statement to Florentino’s explanations were disastrous, especially because before they had not created a favorable climate. If football is so bad as the president of the Superliga assures, to the point of pointing out that in 2024 they will be “dead” (not literally) and that the industry is not sustainable right now, couldn’t a previous current of opinion have been generated?

This takes a lot of work and takes months, if not years. The germ of the Super League was born long before the pandemic that precipitated events, and there has been time to ‘sell’ it.

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