The best phrases of Florentino Pérez in El Larguero: the Super League, Tebas, Ramos, Modric, Mbappé …

Florentino Pérez, in El Larguero

Florentino Pérez This time he did go to the Cadena SER studios to give explanations about the Super league and how it has been in “stand by” after just 72 hours from its creation.

The interview with Manu Carreño made it clear that Pérez feels strong, despite the countless critical voices who have focused on him the failure of the project, and warns that they are going to continue fighting for this tournament, which he maintains with a living and future idea.

In addition, he also referred to the actuality of his Real Madrid, with the immediate fate of Sergio Ramos or Luka modric, among others, in addition to possible signings such as the long-awaited Kylian Mbappé. These were some of his best phrases:

“We have been working on that project for many years, and perhaps we have not been able to explain it. I am a bit sad and disappointed because we have been working in the Super League for three years.”

“I have never seen a greater aggressiveness on the part of the president of UEFA and other presidents of Spanish leagues, it seemed orchestrated. Insults, threats, as if we had killed someone.”

“A campaign was started, let’s say more or less manipulated, saying that we were not going to respect the leagues. There are people who have privileges and do not want to lose them even at the cost of the clubs being ruined, and the day the clubs are ruined privileges for all are over. “

“A project that consists of raising what can be done to fight against the current economic situation of football. The League is untouchable, but where you can get some money is in the games during the week. The format that exists now, that of the Champions League, it is obsolete and old and it is only of interest from the quarterfinals “.

“I want an educated president, and I did not like that way of insulting, they have to set an example. UEFA puts on a show that surprised me, but I think that a UEFA president has to be a correct person, but I know he behaved as if we had dropped an atomic bomb. They have not given us the opportunity to explain it because they do not want to. ”

“The Super League is now in ‘standby’. Half is gone because they were tired of everything that has been said in the last 24 hours. We are all together, and Barcelona, ​​reflecting on the project. No one has paid the penalty so We are all here. The fundamental thing is that the matches have the attention of everyone and especially of young people, because young people no longer watch football. “

“We have not worked so that the rich are richer, Madrid is rich in trophies. I do not win a penny, the presidents of UEFA and FIFA do.”

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