The best memes after Guardiola’s Manchester City defeat in the Champions final

Guardiola, in the Champions League final

Chelsea is the new and flaming Champions League champion, at the expense of a Manchester City that could do nothing against a team that was superior in all aspects. After the game, the networks were clear who their objective was: Pep Guardiola

Ten years after his last Champions League with Barça, he still hasn’t raised the cup. Remembering, precisely, their falls in Europe without Xavi, Messi and company, many have taken the opportunity to lower the smoke to their football.

Many also joked with the “talk” at the break of Pep and his tactical experiments, since he started without a midfielder or forward … despite spending several hundred million euros on signings.

As a curious fact that they have also rescued, this has been the second time in Guardiola’s five years that fewer shots on goal have been made by his City. Maybe it wasn’t the best match to do it.

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