The Atleti already has the notification of the sanction of Griezmann

The Atlético de Madrid you already have notification of the sanction of Antoine Griezmann ahead of the game this Wednesday in Anfield Road before him Liverpool. The UEFA It has not made public its resolutions on account of the sanctions, but the rojiblanco team does have confirmation that, as previously, Antoine Griezmann will not be able to play in Champions League, before the English box.

Griezmann, at the time of his expulsion against Liverpool.


Let us remember that, in the shock of Metropolitan Wanda before the English team, the German referee Daniel Siebert sent him early to the locker room. It was a strange night for him, because he achieved a milestone that no one had achieved in the history of the Champions League, score two goals before being sent off. A somewhat surreal move that the German severely sanctioned. An unfortunate action in which he did not see a rival arrive and hit him with his foot on the head. It wasn’t even a kick, but none of it stopped the referee from kicking him out.

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Being direct red, the UEFA it is usually also harsh on penalties. It is not the first time that the direct expulsion, especially if it is an action for foul play, like the one that happened to Griezmann, are sanctioned with more than one match. Generally the punishment is usually two. However, at the moment, Atlético has no evidence that the sanction is for more than one game because we already say that there is still no official resolution on the matter.

The justice of UEFA it is not particularly fast and it sometimes happens that these types of situations are studied long after they occur. What is clear is that he will not be able to play against him Liverpool. And from there, the Athletic trusts that the matter stays in that sanction match and there will be no subsequent surprises.

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Rodrigo De Paul, Atlético de Madrid player, in the match against Real Betis.

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