The Athletic fan who jumped from a traffic light ended up admitted to the hospital with a lung perforation

An Athletic Club fan jumps from a traffic light.

Alcohol, the urge to cheer, or just a temporary mental disconnect made a fan of the Athletic Bilbao It would be a good idea to jump from the top of a traffic light so that others could pick you up during the concentrations prior to the end of the Copa del Rey. The idea came out regular, because he ended up giving himself a tremendous blow against the asphalt.

The video of the moment in which it hits the ground It went viral instantly, and although at first it seemed that nothing had happened to him, the aftermath has forced him to end up in hospital. As reported by the Diario Vasco, the fan has been admitted to the Galdakao hospital with a lung punctured by a broken rib on impact with the ground.

The incident occurred between the streets Licenciado Poza and Doctor Areilza in Bilbao hours before the final of the Copa del Rey between Athletic and Real Sociedad. At first it was all laughter, and the victim himself got up without much trouble.

However, they explain in Diario Vasco, hours later he started to feel bad and asked to be attended. They took him to the emergency room, where he was admitted for more tests and they found that his lung was affected.

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