The accounts of the teams in the fight for salvation: Eibar can be decisive

Fight for relegation

The 20/21 season of The league it is already coming to an end. However, in the absence of a day that will be frantic, there is still a lot of cloth to cut, with the title at stake and two relegation places still without an owner, in addition to the positions that give access to European competition. The last date, which will also be played in a unified schedule, will decide whether Atlético or Real Madrid are proclaimed champions and the future of Huesca, Elche and Valladolid.

The fans of these three outfits do not stop counting and imagining assumptions to know what has to happen for your team to remain in the First Division. Except for Huesca, none of them depend on themselves and, what’s more, they could have a surprise guest if the casuistry so wanted: the already descended Eibar.

The lofty end of the course for those from Pacheta has served them to depend on themselves Against all odds. Huesca is 17th with 33 points, marks the salvation and a victory against Valencia ensures their permanence. In case of leaving points, they will have to add more than Elche and that Valladolid does not win, since in the event of a tie they have the golaverage won against the two teams.

The private duels against Huesca are condemning Elche to decline. The people of Elche are tied on points with the Aragonese, so they will have to get a better result than they do to dream of permanence. If they tie, a defeat for Huesca and a victory for Atlético against Valladolid would keep them in first for another season. However, even losing his match, Eibar can make them stay in First.

Their terrible final stretch of the season has condemned the Blanquivioletas to have to wait for a miracle to save yourself. They have not won for twelve days and the first step to avoid relegation is beat an Atlético who plays the title. If they manage to beat the rojiblancos, they will need a defeat of both Elche and Huesca, since it has the particular duels lost against both.

Despite the fact that the gunsmith team descended this day with their defeat against Valencia, can be decisive in deciding permanence. If Eibar beat Barça, and Huesca and Elche lose their matches, there would be a triple tie at 33 points between 17th, 18th and 19th, so permanence would be given by the best team in a “fictitious league” among the three.

That is, all the games between the three teams included are combined and would be ordered according to the points obtained. Therefore, in case of that triple tie, Elche would stay in First, followed by Huesca and Eibar, who would go down to Second.

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