Ter Stegen will miss the Eurocup

Ter Stegen stops a penalty during the season.

It was not the best course for Marc-André Ter Stegen (Mönchengladbach, Germany; 29 years old) under the clubs of Barcelona. It is not that he has counted blunders, but he has gone from being a goalkeeper who gave points to another who did not lose them. This Monday, after Barcelona no longer have anything to say in the League, the Teuton has perhaps revealed the reason why it did not work as well as before, even though a broken team has not helped him on occasions, a defense unreliable and punished by injuries, in addition to the team’s little faith against bigger rivals. “I have decided together with the club’s medical team that I will do a complementary intervention on my knee. [derecha]”Wrote the goalkeeper on social networks while Barcelona, ​​always enigmatic in his medical information, stated:” Ter Stegen will undergo a therapeutic process on the patellar tendon of the knee. ” An operation, in any case, that deprives him of playing the last league match and above all of participating in the European Championship.

The crooked season has already started for Ter Stegen, who was operated on his knee in August by Doctor Cugat and missed the first eight games. Now, still with discomfort, he has decided to change third and will be operated on by Doctor Håkan Alfredson (under the logical supervision of the Barça medical services) at the GHP Ortho Center Clinic in Malmoe. He is one of the best patellar tendon surgeons in the world, a doctor who, for example, has already operated on Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Thus, on May 20, Ter Stegen will enter the operating room and hopes to solve his joint problems once and for all because, in addition to the intervention at the beginning of the course, he already missed several games due to tendinopathy last year at time ago two years ago he missed the Cup final due to “knee discomfort.”

The German coach, Joachim Löw, has opted for Manuel Neuer (Bayern) after successive scuffles that have occurred between the two goalkeepers in their ambition to defend Germany’s goal, a talk of debate also in the country. It is known, in any case, that Ter Stegen is competitive to the full, as evidenced when he was Claudio Bravo’s substitute in his early years at Barça. “It saddens me to miss EURO 2020 this summer with Germany. For the first time in many years I will be a fan at home supporting my country, I hope we win it! ”, Said the goalkeeper.

It remains to be seen who will be his dance partner in the next year at Barcelona because Neto does not want to continue playing inconsequential matches, even though he was already warned that there was no one to take his place from Ter Stegen. The German, for his part, hopes to come back strong. “After the summer holidays, when we are back in the field, I hope to be able to play with the fans again, I miss it!” They await you at the Camp Nou.

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