Surreal scene in Guatemalan soccer: he pretends to have received a stone and nobody believes him

A player pretends to have received a stone thrown from the stands.

Joke. It happened in a Guatemalan third division soccer game, in the match between Deportivo San Lorenzo and the Batanecos FC, when a visiting player pretended to have received a stone in the most surreal way.

The presence of audience in the stands from the Deportivo San Lorenzo stadium was one of the factors that led to the comical situation. The game was hot and the scuffles were happening. Until at one point and in the middle of a tumult with a player lying on the ground, someone threw a stone on the grass, which fell pretty far from the action. It was then that Robin Ramos gave free rein to his (few) acting skills.

The visitor approached the scene, He picked up the stone from the ground and hit it on the head, trying to show that he had been hit with it.. Nobody believed him and the game continued normally.

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