Superliga: 10 years lost in 48 hours

Sunday passed quietly in Bilbao after the hangover of the second cup defeat. Many unsolved questions, many of those questions that arise in Bilbao when it is close to glory and the train passes twice. Many illusions can lead to many disappointments, or as the saying goes, days of a lot, the eve of nothing. Suddenly, the phone starts to go crazy with alerts referring to the declaration of the European Super League. Let’s see how I tell you this. This is a matter that, internally and also externally, has been talking about for more or less a decade. Every once in a while we were used to the matter coming out as if it were the Loch Ness monster. And from so much announcing the wolf, a moment had come when my attention had already disappeared. For this reason, and in the midst of those local rojiblancas reflections between the connections of the past with the present and, above all, of the future of football, I found the official announcement of the supracompetition.

First, I was surprised by the communication. He thought that a project that sought to radically change European football would be presented with the pomp and pageantry, always adapted to times of pandemic, that it deserved. Press conference, interviews in the largest and most influential European and world media, an armed and solid speech with the corresponding personalities from various fields to support him … But none of that happened and only a simple statement issued almost at dawn on a Sunday to announce the great revolution, the great transformation of football.

With the passing of the hours we have been discovering, or so we have been told, that the English clubs backed down due to the pressure of the British government. And I wonder if among those six clubs of the English football elite there was no one who had a minimal connection with the government to probe what their position could be before moving anything. Or is it easier to destroy from within? Secondly – I think it is a distortion of my time as a player and unionist participation – I went to see the reaction of the players’ unions. Yes, I know that social networks bring individual responses, but I was interested in the collective reaction, the global one. And I only found some vague answer, to the world union speaking with the words of politicians, perhaps imprisoned among those minority but powerful affiliates who could become part of that elite and, in this way, guarantee contracts that right now are full of questions, and the vast majority of players who could move to a position of clear risk in their professional practice by remaining in that magma that was local competitions. Much tacticism, little clarity.

And finally, I began to receive the photos of Chelsea supporters rebuking their bus, Petr Cech trying the most difficult stop of his life, the mobilization of those supportersWithout any mask, they have not owned their clubs for a long time and feel, they know, that those who decide live very far from where their teams play and that many of them are not usually present at the matches to be played. And I waited for the answers of ours. After all, Real Madrid and Barça belong to that endangered species (with Athletic) in which the owners are their partners. And the owners didn’t say anything, they haven’t said anything. Absolute silence. I do not know if due to ignorance, disinterest, disaffection or economic fear, but the silence has been thunderous. In a club like Barça, where everything has a social reading, even politics, and the great tsunami arrives and nothing at all. Neither support nor protests, nor communications. Nothing, zero. And to this day, it seems that the Gatopardo has gone wrong with the move that everything changes so that everything remains the same. And now, to wait 10 years to be able to talk about the necessary reforms for football, the excess of games in the calendar, the saturation of television, market regulations, the fairer distribution and promotion of football. Ten years lost in 48 hours.

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