Super League: the American bank JPMorgan confirms that it will finance the project

JPMorgan Headquarters
The American bank JPMorgan will finance the European Super League project.

The American bank JPMorgan announced Monday April 19 that it would finance the project of European “Super League” of football, carried by a handful of clubs among the richest and which shakes the world of football. “I can confirm that we are financing the operation”a spokesperson for the bank in London told AFP, adding that he had no further comment at this stage.

This new private competition is launched by twelve big clubs, with the aim of supplanting the prestigious Champions League and constitutes a declaration of war to which UEFA has promised to respond by excluding the dissident teams and their players.

Shaken by the Covid-19 pandemic, the king of sport in Europe indeed sees its future dotted with a questioning of the current pyramid system of redistribution of television resources between the Champions League, a flagship competition, and national championships.

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