Super League: Questions and answers about the earthquake in European club football

Twelve top European clubs have decided to found a Super League and triggered an earthquake in international football. The clubs are thus on a course of confrontation with UEFA and its reform of the Champions League. What are the consequences of the open affront for the twelve clubs – and what are the Bundesliga greats from Munich and Dortmund doing? Questions and answers.

The founding members are the English clubs Liverpool FC, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal FC and Chelsea FC, the top Spanish teams Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid as well as Juventus Turin, AC Milan and Inter Milan from Italy .

The leaders of the revolution are Florentino Perez, President of Real Madrid, Andrea Agnelli, Chairman of Juventus Turin and Joel Glazer, Chairman of Manchester United.

20 teams are to start in the Super League. The first edition will take place “as early as possible,” according to the announcement. In addition to the twelve clubs already known, three more teams are likely to be added as founding clubs, which will be guaranteed participation every year, and five more clubs should qualify each year.

According to AFP at least two French clubs should complete the field. The games are played during the week. After the preliminary round in two groups of 10, the knockout phase begins.

Super League: who are the founding members?

DFL boss Christian Seifert had warned of “irreparable” damage even before the official announcement. Managing Director Rudi Völler from Bayer Leverkusen spoke in the pictureNewspaper of a “Crime on Football”.

Money. The top European clubs can plan by safely participating in an annual competition with fixed income in the billions. The Super League will yield significantly more financially than the premier league for the clubs, which have been plagued by the corona pandemic and are struggling with high debts and player salaries.

The US investment bank JPMorgan is available as a donor. According to the founding declaration, the participants will receive, among other things, “an amount of 3.5 billion euros which is intended exclusively for the development of their infrastructure and to cushion the effects of the COVID pandemic”.

The reactions are violent. UEFA threatens the clubs in a joint statement with the English, Italian and Spanish associations with a ban on the clubs and players. The professionals could even be expelled from their national teams, it said.

Accordingly, the clubs would have to be there at least for the next rights period until 2024. TV rights holders such as Amazon are also likely to oppose the plans, after all, the shipping giant, for example, acquired the rights to the product with all the associations.

BVB and FC Bayern in the Super League?

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