Super League – player ban? Sports lawyer Lambertz: “UEFA has no handle”

The sports lawyer Paul Lambertz sees little possibility for UEFA to prevent the plan of the twelve top clubs for a Super League.

“In my opinion, UEFA has no control. Because it is legally a monopoly, after all it is the only provider of a European competition. So it is not allowed to do everything it wants,” Lambertz said in an interview with Funke media group.

Accordingly, UEFA should not simply defend itself against emerging competition with sanctions. In a similar case, the Ice Skating Union (ISU) had to change its own statutes so that athletes can also take part in external events.

The EU Commission had confirmed that two athletes who had been banned from participating in a private competition were right: “UEFA will therefore not be allowed to do that either. It must not ban clubs and players from their competitions just because they are participating play against the competition, “emphasized Lambertz.

The players’ union FIFPro has already announced its opposition to possible exclusions. “We will vigorously defend ourselves against measures by both sides that impair the rights of the players – such as the exclusion from their national teams,” said the association: “The players will continue to be used as leverage in these negotiations. That is not for us acceptable. “

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