Super League: founding clubs, opposing clubs and others …

PSG Bayern
The announcement of the creation of the Super League has divided the world of football.

The earth has shaken on European football and more shakes are to be expected after the announcement of the creation of a Super League competing with the Champions League. On one side of the fault, twelve secessionist clubs. Other legalists loyal to UEFA. And in the middle, as if suspended above the void, the undecided and the calculating. Who is in each camp? Observatory of club tectonics in a drifting football.

The earthquake comes from them! Twelve points of contact on a loophole that most of the big European clubs have helped to widen year after year by threatening UEFA to create their own league. A purely financial plea against a Champions League yet regularly reformed for their beautiful eyes. Until the break. Six of these “rebellious” clubs belong to the English Premier League: Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham. We also find the three ogres of Liga, namely Atletico de Madrid, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona but also Inter Milan, AC Milan and Juventus for Italy.

The epicenter of the earthquake appears to be Madrid. Indeed the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez became the first president of this Super League. A competition he had already been thinking about for many years with the aim of creating a league in which only the biggest clubs, like his, could join. “We will help football at all levels to bring it to the place it deserves. Football is the only global sport and the only one with 4 billion fans and our responsibility, as big clubs, is to meet the expectations of the supporters “, he declared in the press release announcing the creation of the Super League.

The project would certainly not have seen the light of day without the participation of another strongman, Andrea Agnelli, president of Juventus. Yet until then he was on the side of the faithful to UEFA, even more than that since the 45-year-old was part of the UEFA executive committee and was president of the European Club Association (ECA). But that was before. The one who revolutionized the “Old Lady” economically and sporting has decided to give up the body that directs European football to join Perez and become vice-president of the Super League. A huge turn of events experienced as betrayal by UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin, who considers Agnelli to be “the biggest disappointment of all”.

Manchester United president Joel Glazer also played a leading role behind the scenes in shaping the Super League to the point where he was also named vice-president. The American businessman also owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL … the closed leagues he knows. A format which, he has no doubt, is a very good operation from a financial point of view since, according to him, the Super League “will ensure increased financial support for the football pyramid as a whole.” Other leaders of English clubs like Stan Kroenke, owner of Arsenal but also of an NFL franchise, understood that this new format was a goose that lays golden eggs, especially as a check for 3.5 billion euros has been promised to the founding members, enough to attract more than one …

According to various press releases shared by the clubs initiating the project, three other teams should join the list of founders before the inaugural season “which will start as soon as possible.” Ultimately, this Super League plans to bring together twenty teams in two pools of ten.

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