Super League collapses, Manchester United and Juventus Turin stock prices too

Manchester United face LASK tonight in the Europa League
The fiasco of the launch of the Super League has reverberated on the secessionist clubs listed on the stock exchange.

It had to be the cash explosion. The Super League guaranteed it: it was going to offer the big powers of the round ball and to “the whole pyramid of football” a plethora of money, as it has not rained in recent months in these times of pandemic. Only, after 48 hours of roller coasters, from the announcement of its creation to the departure of the six English clubs which were to constitute it, the beautiful promises have come up against the wall of the sling. And the stock markets are a perfect reflection of this.

Manchester United and Juventus Turin are well placed to find out. The two clubs among the twelve dissidents to be listed on the stock exchange saw their value on the markets fluctuate at great speed as the announcements around this new competition were announced. With this disappointing tomorrow, stocks saw their value fall as quickly as they had swelled. A few hours after announcing its withdrawal from the Super League, Manchester United saw its rating drop 6.03% on the New York Stock Exchange, just on Tuesday. Its current value, $ 16.22, is now almost identical to that recorded at the close on Friday, April 16, the last indicator before the announcement of the creation of the Super League.

Faced with popular outcry and among its own players, the Red Devils finally, like all English clubs, decided to back down. Ed Woodward, executive vice-president of the club, for his part announced his resignation at the end of the year, a decision mentioned for several months according to the British media, but to which the very nebulous context around the club has certainly contributed.

The Old Lady is not doing the best, either. Still officially engaged Wednesday morning in the Super League, Juventus Turin sees its value plummet to -10.37% (to 0.782 €) just over half an hour after the opening of the Milan Stock Exchange on Wednesday morning. Tuesday, the uncertainties around the event had already sowed doubt on the transalpine financial center, the action of Juve, pointing to -4.23%. It had reached its highest level on Monday (0.911 euros) since September 2020. Not yet a crash, but a real berezina, while the Turin club, through its president Andrea Agnelli, is one of the main players in the Super League.

The main European clubs not involved in the competition have seen their value stagnate, like Olympique Lyonnais (+ 0.43% at the opening of the Paris Stock Exchange on Wednesday), or Borussia Dortmund. The BvB had seen its price climb Monday following its non-participation in the Super League before smoothing since. Greed has not yet lost everything by wanting to win everything. But she’s at least back to the starting point.

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