Super League: clubs that want to participate in a private competition will be banned from Serie A

Andrea Agnelli
The Italian Football Federation adopted a new rule on Monday April 26 which will prohibit teams that enter a private competition from participating in the national championship.

The reaction to the Super League project was not long in coming in Italy. The Italian Football Federation has included in its regulations the prohibition to participate in the national championship for any team that would engage in a private competition. A club that would join “competitions not recognized by the Federation, UEFA and FIFA“automatically lost its affiliation with the championship, indicated the president of the Federation Gabriele Gravina after a federal council.

Three Italian clubs were among the twelve that last week announced a private Super League plan to supplant the Champions League. Inter Milan announced their withdrawal last Wednesday after the departure of the six English clubs, but Juventus and AC Milan were less clear, acknowledging the failure of the formula without specifying whether or not they were leaving the project. . Based on information from La Repubblica, eleven Serie A clubs had sent a joint statement to the Italian Football League calling for sanctions against these three teams.

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