Super League: between indignation and sling, the supporters want to weigh in the decisions of their club

After the announcement of the launch of the European Super League, supporters are “outraged” but could be major players as to the fate of this competition, which is already controversial.

The news had the effect of an earthquake. This Monday, April 19, the Super League was created via a press release with 12 clubs. The aftershocks are still going on, and this goes beyond simple sporting bodies. A decision that made the supporters react. And some, in Spain and Germany, will have a say in the holding of this competition. Explanations.

To everyone’s surprise, Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich are not, for the moment, among the founders of this Super League. A good thing for Antoine Bories, member of the Collective Ultras Paris (CUP): “In the very short term, I am satisfied that PSG are not participating in this Super League, because I am fiercely opposed to this type of competition. We could go on strike if we go, but I doubt it will work “.

For Rudy Matias, also a supporter of the capital club, the reason for this satisfaction is quite different: “What I find great is that PSG refuse to participate in this competition when there has always been tension with UEFA. The body had set up financial fair play and there, PSG supports the Champions League, while the historic clubs abandon it“.

For Rudy Matias, if the club refuses to participate in this new competition, it is also for a political issue: “It’s an interesting strategic move. If the club sees a genuine interest in this competition, they will definitely participate. What is interesting is to analyze this refusal beyond PSG. The club is managed by Qatari and Qatar will organize the 2022 World Cup. I think that’s also why Paris Saint-Germain is not participating.“, develops the supporter. But after 2022, what will happen?

Same story for Antoine Bories, who denounces the ‘Americanization’ of this competition: “There are financial perspectives that encourage clubs to move towards this type of system. We could speak of Americanization, because this is not the model that is followed for sport in Europe: the closed league system is entertainment, and it is another way of consuming sport. We take the path of an NBA football “, he explains before discussing meritocracy in football. “I’m happy when there is Bergamo in the quarter-finals or clubs like Villarreal, Valencia … With a league like this, we deviate from a qualification on merit “.

What if the European Super League wasn’t built on such solid foundations? Indeed, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona belong to their socios, shareholder supporters who have decision-making power in the club. If they have less impact on the general and daily policy of the team, they can speak out when big decisions are made. Especially since some lovers of the two Spanish clubs do not agree with this European Super League. “Personally, I don’t like it at all. I understand that the big clubs want this type of competition because it will generate more profit. But they are commercializing football and the essence of the sport.”, reacts Antonio Armero, 57, a Real Madrid player since 1985 and member of the influential peña “La Gran Familia”, in comments reported by West France.

Antoine Blouin, a big fan of the Merengues, goes even further: “As a supporter of this club since a kid, I am indignant, I am ashamed that Real is part of this league, but even more that the president of the club is the head of this project. Real Madrid had already embodied the excesses of football business for a long time; there, it has just taken a step forward. The more the years go by, the less I recognize the club that I loved from a young age“, he is indignant.

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