Super League: “A cynical project”, driven by “the greed” of some clubs, reactions are pouring in even before the official announcement

UEFA headquarters
Even before the official announcement of the creation of a European Super League, several presidents of federations reacted, as did Emmanuel Macron, denouncing a lack of solidarity on the part of the clubs concerned.

While a dozen European clubs are expected to announce the creation of a Super League on Sunday April 18, adverse reactions to this closed competition are pouring in. The English, Italian and Spanish federations, as well as UEFA, reacted in a joint statement. The Elysee Palace has also expressed its opposition to the project.

A project “cynical“. In a joint declaration, with UEFA, several European federations and leagues reiterate their union to put an end to this project”based on the particular interest of a few clubs“. They matter”study all possible measures at the judicial and sporting levels to prevent the project from succeeding“. According to these organizations,”football is based on open competition and sporting merit. It can not be otherwise“. UEFA recalls that”the clubs concerned will be banned from any national, European or world competition, and their players will not be able to represent their national team“.

In harsh words, Javier Tebas, the president of La Liga, denounced on Twitter the “Power Point Super League gurus, coming out of the darkness of the bar at 5 a.m., intoxicated with selfishness and lack of solidarity“.

More measured, Christian Seifert, the boss of German football, where the clubs are for the moment withdrawn from the project, underlines that “it would be irresponsible to irreparably damage the national leagues“. The English federation also cracked a statement in which it recalls that”fans of any English and European club dream of their team reaching the highest level and facing the best. We believe this Super League concept would destroy that dream“.

While Manchester United could be among the six clubs present in this Super League, its iconic coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, has taken a stand against this project: “To speak of a Super League is to move away from 70 years of European football. In my time at United we played four Champions League finals and they’ve always been the most special nights. Fans around the world love the competition as it is. ”

In France, where no club would sign the agreement to create this Super League, the Elysee has informed RMC Sport that “the President of the Republic welcomes the position of the French clubs to refuse to participate in a project of European Super League of football, threatening the principle of solidarity and the sporting merit. The French State will support all the steps taken by the LFP, FFF, UEFA, and FIFA to protect the integrity of federal competitions, whether national or European “. In the wake of the Elysee, the Minister for Sports Roxana Maracineanu blasted “a system without sporting criteria for accession which brings together a VIP club of a few powerful” and that “represents not only the negation of sporting merit but also a real danger for the world of football.

French football authorities are in tune to firmly oppose the European Super League project in a press release published on Sunday. The LFP and the FFF denounce “The hegemonic dreams of an oligarchy will result in the disappearance of a European system which has allowed football to develop unprecedentedly on the European continent.” They are also worried about the runoff to amateur clubs: “The basis of the domestic championships contributes to the development of all football. In France, through solidarity mechanisms, professional football feeds into all sport and amateur football. ”

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