Sturm Graz angry: Referee Ebner declares red for Yeboah

After a clash between Rapid keeper Richard Strebinger and attacker Kelvin Yeboah (39.), referee Stefan Ebner pulled out a surprisingly smooth red.

To the annoyance of storm coach Christian Ilzer, who did not hold back in the Sky interview after the final whistle. “It was a deep ball, Strebinger comes out and Kelvin Yeboah, who has played a fantastic game up to that point, simply hits the ball, Strebinger comes out and there is a collision. A clear wrong decision, it is a yellow card at most. Me think that you can discuss a penalty in the situation between Stojkovic and Kiteishvili. Our first penalty in the 25th game is definitely open to discussion, “says Ilzer.

“In the second half there was a foul every 30 seconds, I would have preferred it if eleven had played, then a foul would not have happened every second”, Rapid coach Dietmar Kühbauer would have preferred a game with 22 men Seen playing field.

Naturally, referee Stefan Ebner saw the incident between Strebinger and Yeboah differently. “After looking at the picture I would make my decision again. Player Yeboah accepts an injury to the opposing goalkeeper through his attack and his offense. We are here in the area of ​​excessive hardship,” explains Ebner.

“With the knee in the hip and chest area, there was no possibility here either, if you can see Strebinger playing the ball away with his head and the way Mr Yeboah goes into a duel, it’s no longer a fight for the ball and so on For me, the risk of injury for the opposing goalkeeper in the situation is too high and therefore rated as red, “continued Ebner.

Ebner: “Not what I judge as a referee”

Incidentally, Ebner would not take back his decision after a duel between Stojkovic and Kiteishvili in the penalty area. “I stood right next to it and I have to say that Mr. Stojkovic clearly plays the ball beforehand, then afterwards there is contact and for me it is a fight for the ball. He plays the ball and here too I would say that I will be back so would decide. “

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