Study: Home advantage is still great even in ghost games

The loud cheering from the stands is missing, but football teams can still count on the home advantage even in ghost games. This is the result of a study by the German Sport University Cologne and the University of Paderborn. Accordingly, the proportion of home games won in games without fans decreased only slightly.

To this end, the scientists led by Professor Daniel Memmert examined over 40,000 games between 2010 and 2020 in ten professional leagues from six European countries. In front of spectators, the home teams won 45 percent of the games, 27 percent ended in a draw and 28 percent of the games were won by the away teams.

Of the more than 1000 ghost games included in the study during the corona pandemic, 43 percent of the cases were home wins (25 percent draws, 32 percent away wins).

“Our results show that although the game-relevant parameters, such as shots on goal and yellow and red cards, align without spectators, this is only limited to the actual home advantage in a direct comparison between the games before COVID-19 with spectators and the ghost games during the Pandemic affects, “said Memmert.

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