Star agent Mino Raiola shoots again against EA Sports: “Abuse player rights”

Star advisor Mino Raiola has opposite talkSPORT Game manufacturer EA Sports again heavily criticized. The 53-year-old accused the US company of abuse of player rights in the soccer simulation FIFA.

“We think that they are abusing the players’ rights, that the clubs are not buying them and that the club does not own them,” Raiola said.

Raiola went a step further and threatened to “delete” the franchise. “They think we can’t, but I think we can! Because there is a difference in the collective rights that they supposedly bought,” explained the Italian. “They buy collective rights from associations that say that they own it, but they use it on an individual basis – and in most countries that is illegal. “

For example, if you wanted to buy a card from Paul Pogba in the game, “you have to pay a certain amount, but they send you ten cards and you have to be content with that if one of those ten cards is a player you want.” As a result, according to Raiola, there is “a betting component, a lottery in this game.” However, that is not “what it should be about.”

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EA Sports took part in the allegations at the time SPORTbible position and emphasized that they are working with “numerous leagues and teams” in order to “integrate the playing rights into our game.”

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