SPD politician Karl Lauterbach: dispute with Bayern coach Flick “settled”

The dispute between coach Hansi Flick and SPD politician Karl Lauterbach has been resolved. Lauterbach confirmed this after an “exciting and constructive conversation with mutual appreciation” via Twitter. “Every dispute is settled,” he wrote.

According to the SPD health expert, he had exchanged “one half time on (the) situation of professional football in times of Corona” with Flick. “There can always be differences in opinion,” he wrote, “but the decisive factor is that team spirit counts in overcoming the corona crisis. I definitely noticed that in the conversation.”

Flick called Lauterbach a “so-called expert” last Sunday and blamed politicians across the board that dealing with the pandemic was more about voting than the concerns of citizens. After the game against Arminia Bielefeld on Monday (3: 3), he rowed back a bit and announced a discussion with Lauterbach.

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