Soldier prolongs the Granada festival

Granada extended their fantastic journey in Europe by qualifying for the Europa League quarter-finals. The Andalusians will be among the eight best of the second continental competition in their first European participation, with which the qualifiers are falling short when it comes to analyzing the great trajectory of the Andalusian team. With 45 games in tow, Granada did not offer their best version at the Puskas Arena in Budapest, somewhat tired from so much wear and tear, but they did not miss their goal.

A great shot from Soldado, which came out in the second half by his teammate Jorge Molina, opened wide the doors of the rooms before a worthy Molde. The Norwegian team had their options throughout the match. Especially in the 66th minute, when Fofana entered the area with 1-0 on the scoreboard in favor of her team. Silva closed the doors to 2-0, which equaled the result of the first leg and could have approached a threatening extension.

Soldier, also vital in the first leg, closed any debate, ending with a spirited rival, but without a level to be in the quarterfinals of a European competition. At this advanced stage, Granada appears, enjoying a party to the joy of its fans, who had not seen anything like it in its more than 90 years of history. Not even Hestad’s penalty goal in the last minute can tarnish the classification of Granada, which will face two high-level European matches after the next international break. 15 years ago, Granada played Third Division matches.

There was a certain bitter taste in the Granada. However, the Andalusian team, well encouraged by Kenedy, was not able to translate into a goal its technical superiority against Molde, a team with many limitations, but with the necessary faith to get into the tie. It gave the feeling that Granada lacked a point of constancy and football to stop suffering. There was also a hint of smugness. Without freshness in their legs, the Andalusians forgave an inferior rival.

El Molde took the lead in an unfortunate play. Vallejo slipped into his own goal a lateral center with little danger. El Molde had gotten into the tie after Kenedy failed just ahead of Linde in the fourth minute. The Brazilian player himself had another great option at the end of the break, but his shot also went wide.

Granada lacked more control in midfield, where Montoro’s usual hierarchy was missing. El Molde, with more fortune than football, but always tireless, came to the break with a disturbing 1-0 in their favor. The bad feelings worsened in the second half. The Norwegian team seemed to be perfectly following a plan that was bringing them closer to their goal. Fofana had it after several approaches from the Norwegians. Rui Silva frustrated the young striker, whom Soldado showed him how to finish to be among the eight best teams in the Europa League, where this group of players consider it legal to continue dreaming.

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