Soldier is furious when expelled and kicks the VAR monitor, but denies insulting the fourth official

Roberto Soldado, Granada player.

The expulsion of Roberto Soldado in the Granada-Cadiz It could have gone relatively unnoticed if it had not been for the attitude of the player as he headed for the dressing room tunnel already in the discount of the game and with the team desperately looking for a draw.

The front angrily protested a penalty and disproportionate in the eyes of a collegiate who punished him with two yellow cards almost consecutively. Díaz de Mera had no regard for Soldado and expelled him for his attitude when claiming the maximum penalty, which caused the player to completely lose his papers as he left the field of play.

Díaz de Mera wrote in the minutes of the party that Soldier “Once sent off, when he left the field of play he addressed my assistant number 1 in the following terms: ‘You are shits'”. In addition, the forward tipped “off the field of play when he went to the locker room a kick to the VAR review monitor”.

A situation that could lead to a sanction of up to four games for Soldier. The player’s two yellow cards are justified by the match referee saying that the first one is due to “make technical observations on my decisions”, while the second was for “To withdraw one of my arms while I was admonishing him, as a sign of disagreement”.

However, the player himself denies that he insulted the fourth official. “Is a lie”, published on his social networks along with a capture of the arbitration act that included his alleged words to the assistant.

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