Soldier hits Pablo Echenique on social networks and calls him “miserable” for his criticism of Vox

Roberto Soldado, Granada player.

Roberto Soldado replied to a Twitter post from Pablo Echenique in which the spokesperson for United we can in the Congress of Deputies criticized the rally of Vox in Vallecas. The event ended with riots and attacks that led to police intervention.

“Today some posh have gone to Vallecas to try to provoke the neighbors with bravado. They have peacefully reminded them of how little love their boss has for work and he has come after them to cause a burden. Tomorrow the TVs will lie to you and tell you that it was the other way around “. A few words from Pablo Echenique that provoked Soldado’s response. “Here the only one who provokes and tells lies is you, MISERABLE !!!”.

The Granada player’s comment gave rise to multiple responses and reactions, positioning himself on both sides. Exactly the same as on other occasions when Soldado has spoken out about political movements and opinions. For example when criticized Pedro Sánchez for his public appearances during the first steps of confinement due to pandemic in Spain.

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