SK Sturm in flight: “Christian Ilzer has formed a unit out of the team”

Sturm sports director Andreas Schicker is “strongly” expecting head coach Christian Ilzer to stay in the coming season. The Styrian “managed to instill an idea in the team relatively quickly and did it even in difficult times.”

“Christian Ilzer has formed a unit out of the team,” said Schicker on the television program Talk & Goals. “You can tell that Sturm Graz is lived differently. If that can be seen from the outside, a Sturm fan also forgives worse games,” he added.

Next weekend, the “Blackies” will fight for second place in a long-distance duel with SK Rapid. This entitles you to participate in the Champions League qualification. “We fell apart in the preseason,” said Sturm’s sporting director looking back and added: “The approach was that we need other guys in the team.”

It remains to be seen whether third place in the Europa League group stage could even be financially more lucrative. “We have shown throughout the year that we want to get the most out of it. We want to win and then we see what comes out in the end,” replied Schicker.

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