Simeone: “We stopped attacking”

Rushed as was the victory for the penalty that Elche missed in the last minute, Diego Pablo Simeone appeared in the press room with the intention of only talking about the importance of the result and the positive aspects he thought he saw. The Argentine coach is immersed in the task of repelling negative energies as if he were a medium. It went through his head “that Oblak was stopping the penalty and everything was going to turn out positively. After the ruling, live the joy as if it were a goal ”. His jubilant career after the failed execution of Fidel has signs of becoming one of the images of the championship if Atlético ends up conquering it.

Simeone did not want to know anything about the racano second half that almost cost the leader a slip with drama tinges. Again, the word emerged as a repellent of bad omens. “I stay in this final stretch with the positives, because the negatives add up to few. There were many positive things, a great Carrasco, well behind Hermoso, a lot of forcefulness with Savic and Giménez, a great game from Kondogbia, Suárez played again more than 80 minutes after his injury, and they are healthy things for the team, “said the Argentine coach. when he was asked about the crash of his team in the second 45 minutes.

“We enter a defining space and each victory is a very important step. We had a great first half, one of the best in a long time. The advantage had to be wider and since it was not, from the first 15 minutes of the second half we stopped attacking ”, explained Cholo about the step back that Atlético took. “They play a lot and at the end of the game they pushed, that play appeared that first went over the crossbar, had a João Félix and that action comes from a foul where it was not Trippier’s hand, but hey. Very happy with how my players entered the field and that commitment ”, expressed the Argentine coach.

Nor was the coach enthusiastic about enhancing the saying of the champion’s luck. “The facts must be demonstrated on the field, that the team improves, plays with enthusiasm, is brave … What I imagined and dreamed when I arrived at Atlético to represent it.”

Next Saturday, Atlético awaits Barcelona at the Camp Nou. For the momentous date, Simeone seems to have bet on Kondogbia’s rehabilitation. “I am still happy with the work of footballers who have the patience to work, football and life give you back your effort. Kondogbia always worked in the same way, he trained with the enthusiasm and enthusiasm to improve and trying to grow and, when he had the opportunity, he took it. Those are the players we want at Atlético de Madrid ”, concluded the rojiblanco coach.

Joselu with Alavés, Ocampos for Sevilla and Fidel for Elche. The last three penalty shooters against Atlético in the League have failed their shots against Oblak, who yesterday also only made one stop throughout the match, and it was not at the maximum penalty. Luck seems to favor the leader in these situations in the final stretch of the championship. What’s more, Fidel is the first player to send a penalty to the post in a league match against Atlético since Betic Calderón did it against goalkeeper Mejías an eternity ago, on November 3, 1985, data offered by the statistician MisterChip.

The rojiblanco team is also the only team in the league that has not suffered a defeat this season after scoring the first goal of the game. That has happened 22 times, with 20 wins and two draws. This triumph came with another record: Simeone became the Argentine coach with the most league matches (360) in history, surpassing Helenio Herrera.

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