Simeone: “We are in a delicate moment”

Diego Pablo Simeone appeared in the press room of the Bucharest National Stadium ready to defend an approach that meant the fourth defeat of his team in the season and the second in a row with the aggravation of not having registered a single shot between the three sticks of the goal defended by Mendy. “Has your team lacked courage?” They asked. “No, I don’t think so,” replied the Argentine coach. Earlier, in the Movistar microphones, he already expressed his conviction that the plan was the ideal: “I don’t know what they expected, everyone can give their opinion freely, we seek from the order to have a strong block and take advantage of the talent from the recovery of the ball ”.

Simeone assumed responsibility for a plan that had his team holed up near the Oblak area for most of the match, unable to respond to the attack on Chelsea’s dominance from possession. “I understood the team’s management to push up at times and if not generate the defensive low block to be able to recover and look for transitions. There were no situations for either team, but Giroud’s goal appeared after Mario Hermoso’s rebound ”.

El Cholo admitted that his team is going through a moment that, if not straightened out, could mean the loss of the two titles they are opting for: “We are in a delicate moment, the reality is what these last games mark, more for the results than for what happened in the field ”. The questions about the approach followed one another, always pointing to that step backwards given that he did not deny despite the result and the little offensive production that his players generated. “The games cannot be changed when they have been played. There were no situations, we lacked being able to associate better from the recovery of the ball. The match was very hard work on the part of the two teams, they took advantage of that touch of Hermoso to score the goal ”, Simeone stressed.

By insisting on emphasizing the pothole his team is going through in recent weeks, Cholo seemed to be concerned about the group’s digestion of the latest results. “We are in difficulty, we need to work as we have always done. We will have to find peace of mind to live with the moment the team is in, ”stressed the Argentine coach, who elaborated on his analysis of an even match and few occasions. “The first half was controlled by them, but with vertigo situations for us. The second half was very even, I don’t think the goalkeepers made saves ”.

Jan Oblak made no secret of his disappointment at the defeat. “A stick, it’s football, you have to raise your head, we have important games in the league before the return. We have to improve and then, when we play again in the Champions League, come back. It is a moment in which we are having a hard time, but in which we must show that we are a team ”, warned the Slovenian goal. Oblak also came out in defense of Simeone’s approach. “The plan is always to defend well, no matter what formation we go out with. We wanted to score, but we had no chances. We should have had a little more calm in the last passes, “Oblak analyzed before sentencing:” We played a normal game, not very bad. In the locker room I saw a team with their heads held high, convinced that we are going to improve. I do not think it is a crisis, it is a different moment in which things happen against us. Today they mark us as Chilean and the other day Levante with a rebound ”.

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