Sevilla settles in fourth place after defeating Elche

Sevilla sits in fourth place with a very important victory against Elche. Not so much for his game, quite thick, especially in the first half. Much more for the nine points that he takes at the moment from Real Sociedad, fifth classified. After going through the double elimination drink in the semifinals of the Cup and in the Champions League, Sevilla has returned to their feet with a double victory in Nervión against Betis and now against Elche. A victory against an opponent who defended well, although Sevilla knew how to mature the game to end the resistance of the Escribá. First with a goal from En-Nesyri to a pass from Suso. The number 15 of the Moroccan in LaLiga. En-Nesyri is still partying. The icing on the cake was put by a special player, Franco Vázquez, who has barely played this season, but who is capable, from time to time, of uncovering a football jar that the Sevilla fans really like. In the 90th minute, the Argentine received a good pass from Oliver Torres inside the area. He received from behind and a heel shot was invented that served to close the match and the victory of his team.

A Sevilla that knew how to suffer after a fairly discreet first half saved by En-Nesyri’s goal. Then, Lopetegui was making decisions to shore up the victory. First by ordering a defense of three centrals with the inclusion of Gudelj along with Koundé and Sergi Gómez. Then, with changes that seemed strange, like that of Rekik by Suso, but that ended up bearing fruit. Really, Elche could not create a single occasion of clear danger before Bono’s goal, which also gives off an insulting security. Only Boyé, in the 85th minute, finished off with danger inside the area. Energized by the entry of Piatti, which debuted, Elche sought a draw after Sevilla squandered a battery of obvious chances in the second half. Badía saved twice against Rakitic and Munir, while two header from En-Nesyri, both from a pass from Navas, skimmed the post.

The Sevilla forward appeared to play with leg springs due to his impressive dominance in the passing game. En-Nesyri is in a great moment and, boosted by his goals, Sevilla is fourth with all rights and allows themselves the luxury of dreaming of third place, since they now have Madrid only three points ahead.

Little can be criticized Elche in his approach in Nervión against a very thick Sevilla. Almost nothing, really, except that it could have prevented the impressive center of Suso and the majestic shot of En-Nesyri at the edge of the break, which carried out the good work of Elche, with a group of players struggling to close spaces, attentive to coverage , but finally overcome by the state of form of En-Nesyri, a striker who is getting very big.

Sevilla arrived at this postponed match of the second day with many casualties, in the case of Fernando or Jordán, vital pieces of their midfield. With five novelties with respect to the team that beat Betis in the derby, Sevilla did not carburize. Neither Rakitic nor Óscar nor Óliver Torres could ever give their team a high rhythm of play. Sevilla, slow and very predictable, crashed again and again against the good approach of Elche, who also knew how to cover the internships of Navas and Acuña on the wings. Lost in a labyrinth of inconsequential passes, Sevilla did not find the formula to reach Badía’s goal with danger and continuity. Only Suso was able to give his team some verticality. However, Sevilla is a team that cheats. It seems that it does nothing and suddenly hits an almost lethal tail. And at the right time. Elche found themselves on the edge of the break with a high-quality play that put Sevilla ahead on the scoreboard.

Sevilla improved in the second half. He enjoyed up to four clear chances of scoring that he did not convert. This lack of efficiency caused Elche to always have the option of drawing in an isolated play. His goal did not come and Franco Vázquez’s did. The Mute left a delight to certify the important triumph of Sevilla.

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