Sevilla adds and continues

There are no more complexes. En-Nesyri says it: “We’re going for the League.” It is also said by the numbers of this extraordinary Seville that, after its triumph against Levante, the fourth in a row, is three points behind the lead. Sevilla, overflowing, is allowed with every right to get excited about the fight for the title. Faced with a good Levante, who wanted to wash the 1-5 stain against Villarreal last day, Lopetegui’s team won with a goal from En-Nesyri, who took advantage of a great pass from Suso to mark a colossal career, overflow Cárdenas, shoot Vezo and score an empty goal. It was the only rude mistake by Levante, but Sevilla does not allow the slightest relaxation. Sevilla then knew how to manage their income with an impeccable trade, achieving, for example, that their rival did not shoot on goal throughout the game. Those from Lopetegui win, win and win. Thus, everything is allowed in a season in which he is competing without fainting.

Sevilla lacked a point of freshness to be the imposing team of San Sebastián. Lopetegui repeated eleven while Paco López entered up to seven new players in his eleven. Sevilla always took the initiative, but could hardly ever overcome the good framework presented by Levante. The issue was obvious. The local coach generously shielded his midfield, where Melero’s movements were difficult for Sevilla to manage. With Malsa and Pier sweeping everything, Sevilla had a world of difficulty being deep. He was patient and at times he touched the ball in an excellent way, no doubt, but with the players destined to make a difference, in the case of Ocampos or Suso, very well defended by Levante. Sevilla’s only real option in an even first half was a great shot from Jordán that goalkeeper Cárdenas sent to the crossbar. It was also the only time that the visiting group surprised the band and the center behind Jesús Navas. The Levante never worried in the first year. Nor was he in trouble against a bossy Andalusian team, but without a fang.

Sevilla squeezed out in the second half, with Suso and Papu at a good level. Then came that pass from Suso and that imperial career from En-Nesyri (17 goals in LaLiga) that put an end to the illusions of this good Levante, who, wounded in his honor, fought well against a group that wants to set the League on fire. It is a very complete team, capable of playing in different ways to end up achieving, almost always, the goal of victory. The Seville with the best score in history the same plays and overflows in San Sebastián against the Real that scores and defends itself with trade against Levante, keeping the ball, advancing step by step with conquering what seems unattainable.

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